The Right Protein to Reach Your Goals

The Right Protein to Reach Your Goals

“It doesn’t matter what protein you use, they all do the same thing” is a huge misconception about the vast variety of protein that is available. More so, specific types of protein offer different levels of benefits where some are better for post workout, building lean muscle, feeding muscles overnight, and even to help you put on weight.

For those looking for a protein powder for lean muscle with zero fat or sugar that’s absorbed fastest by the body, look no further than EVL’s “100% ISOLATE PROTEIN.” Made from the purest whey protein isolates, this protein is the cleanest type of whey protein, making it the best body and muscle fuel for before workouts as well as an amazing low calorie, no fat option for helping lean muscles recover after workouts. This protein also supplies a complete amino acid profile with 25g of protein, a full 6g of BCAA’s and 12 total grams of essential amino acids per serving to help stimulate protein synthesis and speed muscle repair. The best times to take EVL’s 100% Isolate include first thing in the morning to quickly get the body back into a muscle building state, and it’s also the best choice before a workout or right after a workout due to how fast this protein can be consumed by the body. This is also a perfect option for those on a low carb diet and looking to stay lean.

If you’re looking for a slower digesting protein that packs a punch with more calories for those times between meals and before bed, STACKED PROTEIN is right for you!  “STACKED PROTEIN” is made from a blend of fast and slow digesting whey and casein proteins. This combination offers a sustained release of protein that acts more like food and provides your body with BCAA’s and other essential amino acids to fuel your muscles and speed up recovery to help you build muscle over time. This is an excellent protein blend to have at night before bed as the slow absorbing proteins will support muscle repair and recovery while sleeping. Furthermore, STACKED PROTEIN is ideal between major meals, as it delivers the right amount of protein with a small amount of carbs to fuel your day while supporting muscle building and better recovery

If your challenge is putting on weight while you work to build muscle “STACKED PROTEIN GAINER” was made for you.  “STACKED PROTEIN GAINER” is exactly what is designed to provide a higher level of protein and quality carbohydrates to deliver a high level of calories to help you achieve the size you are looking for.  Where our other proteins of very low in carbohydrates, gaining weight requires a very high 5 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein to achieve the calories levels needed.  This blended type of protein is recommended for those who struggle with putting on weight due to a higher metabolism and not being able to consume enough calories throughout the day. Our Stacked Protein Gainer supplies 50 grams of whey protein with 250 grams of carbohydrates and a supply of 1250 calories to help you gain mass and recover better post workout.

Although Whey Protein is most popular choice amongst available protein powders, they are not for everyone. Which brings us to “STACKED PLANT PROTEIN.” For those who follow a vegetarian diet or may be sensitive to dairy or are simply lactose intolerant, plant protein is a perfect option for you. To get the benefits you would from a whey protein you need to make sure your plant based protein powder is a “Complete Protein”, meaning it has the right amounts of key essential amino acids, or you are missing out on essential amino acids like you would get from whey protein or food.

STACKED PLANT PROTEIN is a complete protein made from a combination of plant proteins, plus a natural blend of greens and loaded with one billion CFU of probiotics, not to mention how delicious and easy to digest this protein is. Our plant protein is also 100% vegan & gluten free plus it features naturally occurring BCAA’s so you are not missing out on your amino acids as well. Since it is a stacked plant protein, you are getting the combination of slow and fast absorbing proteins that make this a perfect choice at any point in the day.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, Evlution Nutrition has a protein option for you. Whether you’re trying to bulk up and put on weight with STACKED PROTEIN GAINER or keep it lean and boost your recovery with our 100% Isolate Protein, the Evlution starts here, so find the right protein for you and crush your goals!

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