5 Reasons Why You Should Stretch

5 Reasons Why You Should Stretch

When it comes to your workout program, are you quick to gravitate towards the free weights? Or maybe as soon as you enter the gym, you head straight for the treadmill to do some interval sprint training.

Whatever the case may be, chances are, you are neglecting the stretch mats. Most people simply do not devote the amount of time needed to stretching because they don’t see the validity in it. It’s not going to help you burn fat or build muscle, so why do it? For you, it may just be a ‘waste of time’.

But is it?

The fact is, stretching will help you see greater results, just perhaps not in the direct way you think. Here are five reasons why you should be focusing at least 10 minutes at the end of your workout to stretching.

Stretching Relieves DOM’s

Muscle soreness. We’ve all experienced it before and know that it can be quite debilitating. If you are in serious pain from your last leg workout, you may not be doing your elliptical session you have scheduled the next day.

Here’s great news: stretching can help. By stretching after your workout session, you can reduce the level of muscle tension present from the heavy weight lifting sets just performed, lowering the chances you wake up unable to move the next morning.

This can translate to increased gym frequency, which then means better results for you.

Try taking your stretching with some Glutamine5000™ powder in your post-workout shake for an even better overall recovery. 

Stretching Increases Your Range Of Motion

Another way stretching indirectly helps out is by improving your overall range of motion. When you are limber and flexible, you can do more with each set that you perform.

Take squats for example. If you are tight and tense, you may not be able to move through the full range of motion as your body is preventing you from doing so. As a result, you reap fewer overall benefits from that squat exercise.

If you stretch, you can make the most of each rep you perform. Being able to move through the full range of motion for every exercise you do is critical for results. Stretching can help ensure you do that.

Stretching Improves Body Awareness

Stretching also is great for improving body awareness. As you stretch, you are forced to focus on one specific area of the body, relaxing that muscle while helping it stretch further into position.

This is a good lesson in achieving the mind-muscle connection, which can then help you later on as you go about your gym workouts. The last thing you want to be doing is just ‘going through the movement pattern’ mindlessly. Sadly, that’s what many people do.

Stretching Helps You Cool Down

Stretching is also a great way to help you cool down after an intense workout. It’s never a good idea to just stop exercising when your heart rate is elevated, so use stretching as a means of bringing your heart rate back down to normal and relaxing before you head out of the gym.

Stretching Can Help Prevent Injuries

Finally, stretching can also help you prevent injuries from occurring. When you’re inflexible due to lack of stretching, you’re that much more likely to tear or pull a muscle, which will result in great pain – and you likely being sidelined for weeks or months.

Staying limber helps keep you mobile and ensures you stay in the game, continually striving to reach your goals.

So don’t skip stretching any longer. Take a few minutes and get this into your workout routine. You will notice benefits over time if you do.

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