Continue the Resolution Challenge 2020 - Final Transformation - EVLUTION NUTRITION

Continue the Resolution Challenge 2020 - Final Transformation

Your New Year's Resolution was the start to your fitness journey...again. This year it is time to keep it and prove that you're not messing around in 2020. We challenge you to continue your resolution and fight for a spot on TEAM EVL! Welcome to the Continue the Resolution Challenge 2020!


To enter, fill out the form below and submit images of your current physique in both front and profile view.  In your entry physique pictures, you must be holding a newspaper or other form of media that shows your start date. Deadline to enter is  Monday, February 3rd. Over the course of the following 30 days from your entry date, we encourage you to do everything you can to come out as the Transformation Champion and possibly the next EVL Athlete! You must submit images of your evolved physique no later than March 3rd (Feb. 3rd Entry Date) in order to qualify for over $1500 in prizes and the opportunity to join Team EVL. There will be a total of 6 Winners. (3 Male, 3 Female)
Are you ready to prove yourself, earn your spot, and join the Evlution? Sign up today!

You will be contacted by e-mail after you enter with more details and information on where to submit your final evolved physique images. Good Luck!