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November 15, 2018

Instagram:  @syukurshuib

Why did you get started with your Fitness Journey?

Back in 2012, I often purchased fitness magazines and ended up stacking collecting dust. But it shows me a sign that fitness helped people being more confidence, healthier and longer life. My only problem was sports, I was so bad in any sports because none athletic background from my family or in other words, being so lazy and fear of failure. I got hooked up with all the motivation from videos, movies, so I started my fitness journey by going to the gym and just ask around for guides. I felt better, getting stronger, at the end started to notice the benefits it gave me in daily life and sports.

What is your ultimate goal with Fitness?

I was a former skinny kid growing up in South East Asia. I traveled to Europe and South Africa for gaining more experience by seeing the different cultures. I got motivated with the atmosphere where everybody is doing sports, better lifestyle with healthier food choices compared to fast food options back where I came from. My ultimate goal is to keep inspiring and motivating people to make changes with their bad habits into a positive, healthier life. I believe that anybody could change with self-awareness.

What is your current Training program?

I changed the type of exercise, volume and intensity each week to maximize the muscle fibers used during the workout. It depends how I feel during the day so it can be from free weights, machines or bodyweight.

Day 1 – Lower Body (Quads, Hamstring, Calves)

Day 2 – Push Day (Chest, Shoulder, Triceps)

Day 3 – Pull Day (Back, Biceps, Abs)

Day 4 – Rest Day

Day 5 – High Intensity Interval Training (Full Body Circuit)

Day 6 – Outdoor Cardio (Basketball, Hiking, Swimming)

Day 7 – Stretching, Flexibility, Recovery

What does your diet consist of?

From my past experiences of competing in bodybuilding and men’s physique, I learned a lot from nutrition by experimenting all kind of foods. I make sure that amount of proteins, carbs and healthy fats on my plate is sufficient by eye ball them. Here below is the sample of my meal everyday.

Meal 1 – Eggs, Whole Wheat Bread.

Meal 2 – Stacked Protein, Oats, Almonds, Honey, Berries

Meal 3 – Poultry, Rice, Mixed Vegetables

Meal 4 – Stacked Protein, Fruits

Meal 5 – Meat, Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables

What are your Top 3 Favorite EVL products?

Stacked Protein – Mixed with oats, before or after gym training.

ENGN – The best pre-workout ever that won’t crash my energy levels and sufficient enough to boost me in the evening!

BCAA5000 – Most tasty BCAA drink ever so as an intra-workout or outdoor cardio to keep my hydration full.

Advise to people starting out with Fitness

Just follow the journey and listen to your body. The only thing you don’t want is injury so train smart and learn from professionals. Myself as a personal trainer is to teach people that with efficient training can lead to faster, bigger results as long we focus on the small techniques that can make a big difference. Follow my instagram @syukurshuib for daily training and nutrition videos.

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