Kyle Panela - EVL Athlete - EVLUTION NUTRITION

November 15, 2018

Instagram: @kylepanela

Why did you get started with your Fitness Journey?
I started in the gym with my older brother and got my friends into it. From there on out, we all kept pushing each other and motivating each other to look the most aesthetic. So I guess I started from friendly competition.

What is your ultimate goal with Fitness?
Earn my IFBB Pro card, Be competitive in the pro league and run a successful coaching business.

What is your current Training program?
It’s a hypertrophy based program where I select 1-2 muscle groups to train that day. My rep scheme is 6 negatives till failure then 6-10 partial reps it failure. Do 5-6 exercises per muscle group and call it a day!

What does your diet consist of?
Currently, in a caloric surplus until i’m ready to start prep for my next physique show. I’m hitting a protein goal and calorie goal everyday which allows me to play with higher carbs some days or higher fats. It gives me a lot of freedom with my foods.

What are your Top 3 Favorite EVL products?
1. Pumpmode capsules. 2. Pink Lemonade ENGN Shred. 3. BCAA Energy Vanilla Latte flavor (seriously so good!)

Advise to people starting out with Fitness?
Don’t stop and don’t give up. Learn to fall in love with the process and the will to learn the science behind fitness.